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430 Litre Portable Diesel Storage and Dispensing Tank

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Light and portable, the ADR approved Titan TruckMaster 430 litre fuel dispensing system simply straps onto the back of a truck, enabling you to carry the diesel you need to refuel on-site.

Product Code
Capacity Ltr/Gal
Top Length (mm)
Base Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
12 Volt which pumps at 40l/m with 4m battery leads
4m x 3/4" delivery hose
Fill Point
2" BSP
Standard Equipment
Auto shut-off nozzle, contents level gauge, lid with lock and keys
Optional Extra

ADR Approved (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Roads) The TruckMaster is a UN approved IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) suitable for the transportation of diesel fuels.

With the Titan TruckMaster, on-site safety is assured as fuels can be transported without the requirement of heavy steel drums or jerry cans, which are liable to spill.

The Titan TruckMaster is designed for long life and heavy work. Made from UV-protected medium-density polyethylene, it is both light and tough and will not fade, crack or corrode. All necessary fittings are neatly stored in the cavity under the lockable lid. The TruckMaster and all parts are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase, when utilised under normal working conditions, i.e. fair wear and tear.

Rough land, building sites, narrow access areas and farms offer no problem to a TruckMaster because the unit can be mounted onto the back of the smallest truck. In addition, the unique internal baffle wall minimises fuel surge when the TruckMaster is in transit.

The TruckMaster carriage requirements offer flexibility in that the vehicle driver does not require ADR training, the vehicle does not need orange hazard plates and the driver does not require a TREM (Road Transport Emergency) card. However, the driver is required under ADR regulations to carry a two kilogram fire extinguisher.