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About Us

Kingspan Environmental boasts over 30 years experience in manufacturing plastic tanks for storage under the Titan Environmental brand.

Company Information

As market leader in rotationally moulded storage solutions, we provide efficient solutions to a wide range of industries due to our dedicated high levels of investment in research and development.

We are committed to continuing research and development in the manufacture of plastics technology, particularly rotational moulding processes. Through investment, interactive dialogue with our customers and a determination to explore new opportunities, we remain a leading force in an evolving industry.

Sustainable building projects require environmentally sensitive solutions which don’t compromise on quality and flexibility. In today’s competitive market, Kingspan Environmental can and will continue to provide the expertise and international standing for sustainable, affordable solutions.

As a principal member of OFTEC, the regulatory body for the oil heating industry in the UK and Ireland, and a member of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers, we work in partnership and strive for excellence in manufacture, installation and after care.  We help to raise awareness of regulations to protect our environment and ensure our products comply with OFTS T100 standard. 

Kingspan Environmental Portfolio of Brands 

The Kingspan Environmental group operates throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and brings together the market leading brands: TitanEXCEL, Klargester, KingspanWater, Sensor Systems, Envirocare, Kingspan GSP and Kingspan Environmental Service

Manufacturing Excellence

Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency is an area that has witnessed the impact of our rotational moulding expertise. We offer affordable and environmental solutions, through our experienced engineering and sales teams.

At a product level, we use rotational moulding processes to manufacture containers such as plastic tanks for harvesting rainwater, off-mains drainage systems and fuel storage. At a manufacturing level, we have taken measures to both run our manufacturing plants more efficiently and also minimise our impact on the environment by installing energy saving technologies within our manufacturing facilities. By applying our expertise to production processes and generating energy from renewable sources, our plants in Portadown and Newry cut costs dramatically and substantially reduced our carbon footprint. Read more about how we achieved this.

  • We are committed to continual investment in rotational moulding research and development
  • Our manufacturing sites can operate 24 hours a day 7 days per week
  • Our operations are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 approved
  • We develop strong cooperative relationships that produce first class solutions
  • We have in-house Finite Element Analysis, design and engineering resources 

Our reputation reflects our dedication and reliability, while the broad scope of our operations ensures cutting-edge technology and sophisticated technical support.   Our products are unrivalled in their strength, uniformity and flexibility.


Some of the notable products have been awarded several OFTEC Awards for Excellence:

  • OFTEC Awards for Excellence 2010: Innovative Product of the Year for our new Sensor SonicSignalman
  • OFTEC Awards for Excellence 2009: Marketing Campaign of the Year for “Who is watching your oil?” for our Sensor Watchman Alarm
  • OFTEC Awards for Excellence 2008: Green Initiative of the Year for our BioMaster 100 with TMS, biofuel storage and dispensing system with integrated tank management